Learn Basic Slap Bass 

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Slap Techniques

Volume 1

  • 7 Video Lessons

    Learn everything you need to play basic slap in these in depth, HD video lessons.

  • Over 30 Unique Exercises

    Perfect your skills with these 30 fully TABBED and notated exercises.

  • Slap Techniques Bonus Pack

    The bonus pack includes 5 play-a-long backing tracks, the Essential Slap Licks video series, practice drum grooves and much more.

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"Absolutely awesome! Slap lessons are all over the place online but the lessons in this course, especially on dead notes and pull offs have been so useful. Adding these lessons from Slap Techniques Volume 1 to my practice has helped a ton"

Billy Sederholm. Slap Vol. 1 Student

Professional Video Lessons

My video lessons are professionally produced so you can see every technique in high-quality video.


You’ll learn the one thing you need to know to perform every move properly… how to avoid injuries… and ultimately play better with total confidence!


My 10 years of teaching expertise really come through.


And if the $27 saving isn't enough, you're also getting these five bonuses!

  • Bonus 1: Over 30 Unique Slap Exercises
    These exercises will help you master slap in no time flat.

  • Bonus 2: Essential Slap Licks Video Library (Value $37)
    The ESL video library is packed full of video lessons revealing how the worlds best bassists perform the world's most iconic slap licks. In each video you'll discover how to play a new lick and each lick comes transcribed in full TAB and notation.

  • Bonus 3: 5 Play-a-long Backing Tracks
    In these 5 backing tracks, you’ll see the TRUTH about great slap playing. Exercises alone won't cut it but playing actual music will. These backing tracks will show you how you can learn your favourite slap lines much faster than ever before.

  • Bonus 4: Player Profiles eBook
    Have you ever wondered how the pros make slap look so easy and sound so great? Well, how they set up their gear is a HUGE part of it. In this exclusive bonus, you’ll see exactly how they do it so you can model their EQ settings, instruments and even strings so you can sound like the world's best bass players much sooner.


  • Bonus 5: Introduction To Reading TAB eBook
    Not understanding TAB is a real progress barrier. In this bonus, you’ll see how to break through this barrier once and for all ...and never have to think about it again.

    Everybody looking to master slap will eventually have understand TAB.

“As a beginner, I must say that the fact that these videos, exercises, and notes were so detailed helped me a lot to understand this technique. Now I can finally practice slap without injuring myself”

Alexandra Vlachou

Slap Vol. 1 Student

“So I just finished this slap course and I have to say it’s really well thought out and very descriptive of every little technique and detail. It really gets all the important points across”

Francesco Giulliano

Slap Vol. 1 Student

Ladina Sasha

Slap Vol. 1 Student

“A great course to work with! Very clear, lots of ideas that are easy to apply and follow.  I really like the enthusiastic teaching style too. It really motivates me whilst working through the lessons”

Oliver Sentance

Slap Vol. 1 Student

Hugh explains things in a really easy and understandable manner. It's great for me!

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