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  • 137 Fully Tabbed And Notated Exercises

  • Exercises Take You From Beginner To VERY Advanced Level

  • Master The 6 Core Skills Behind Awesome Pick Technique

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I Couldn't Find A Dedicated Pick Technique Resource Anywhere...

Me (Hugh Richardson)

I Made It My Goal To Make One

There's nothing worse than trying to learn a new technique (like pick technique) and struggling to find good exercises.


Actually, there's one thing that's worse.


Spending years of your time looking and then realising there's NOTHING OUT THERE!


I know what it's like to waste that much time and get no reward for it because there was nothing for pick bass players to learn from when I first started out.


Trying to improve without anything thing to guide or help you sucks. Period.


Simply put, I wrote "Pick Techniques In Practice" so you can stop wasting your time and start improving your pick chops.


Whether you're new to pick playing or you're a pro looking for a challenge, the 137 exercises in this book will give you the crucial insight, guidance and pathway that's been missing from bass pick playing for so long.


Ready to get your pick chops in shape? Click below!



What You'll Get From This Book...

  • 137 Fully Tabbed And Notated Exercises

    Each and every exercise has been designed specifically to boost your skills but also to combine with the other exercises of the book and create the ultimate pathway to great pick technique.

  • Master The 6 Core Skills Behind Awesome Pick Technique 

    Each of the six skills (alternate picking, string skipping, changing speed, non-alternate picking, articulations & time and changing direction) has its own dedicated chapter and exercises which shows you how to perfect each skill, how to practice it and how to overcome the common mistakes of each skill.


    Discover exactly what to work on, exactly how to practice, how to see if your practice is paying off and even how to get yourself back on track if it's not.

  • Takes You From From Beginner To VERY Advanced Levels

    The exercises in each chapter layout a clear pathway which starts at basic, beginner level and builds up the hand movements, strokes and techniques you'll need to reach an advanced level of pick technique. 

What Past Students Say About This Book...

"WOW, what a wonderful book you have put together here.
So many exercises and so little time! I think you have 
something real great here and hopefully it will help erase the stigma 
that "real" bass players don't use picks"

Lee Maiorano - Past Student

Pick Techniques In Practice

137 fully tabbed and notated pick exercises ranging from beginner to very advanced level!

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